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Frequently Asked Questions

This section is currently being updated. So, many questions are not yet answered. Please be patient.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can Find all the answers for frequently asked questions ..

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▶ If I forgot the Password, then how can i reset it ?

▶ What if I forgot my username and password?

▶ If I register or become a member, Will I get the junk mail?

▶ Why Should I register with Online Indian Shop?

▶ How can I Register and creating an account?



▶ How do I return an article?

▶ Do I receive any mail for my order confirmation?

▶ What is the formality if I received the product as demaged or missed?


Data Security

▶ How secure is my online order?

▶ Is it safe to order products at online Indian Shop using my credit card ?


▶ What happens if I am not available during delivery time?

▶ Can you arrange delivery for my order late in the evening?

▶ How much are the delivery charges?

▶ Is there service of Cash on Delivery ?

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▶ How Do I change my shipping address?

▶ How long will delivery take?

Enter answer here

▶ Do I need to be at home to receive the products?

▶ Do you deliver out of Europe?

▶ Is there any particular timing for delivery ?

▶ How do I purchase the products?

You will find most specials availble online.Specials are displayed as Highlighted one and much more...

▶ Can I place the order from your online shop any time in a day?

▶ What are the delivery options available from your Indian online shop?

Fresh Vegetables

▶ What are the fresh indian vegetables available at your shop ?

Here are the list of all available fresh indian vegetables from our online store.

▶ I need to order Fresh Indian Vegetables online. Is it possible ?

How to order online ?

▶ How do I check my current status of my order?

▶ How do I check the status of my order?


▶ How do I know the current promotional offers?

▶ How Do I change my shipping address?

▶ Is there any discount for regular bulk purchase ?

▶ How do I purchase the products?


▶ How do I best view your site?

▶ How can I give a suggestion or Feedback ?

▶ Can you display my receipe cooking method in your Online Indian Store?

▶ Do you have the Indian Cooking method book at your store?

▶ Can I cancel a purchase once order placed

▶ How do I contact you?


▶ Do I have to pay Sales Tax?

▶ Is there any hidden charges when I make a purchase?

▶ Which forms of payment do you accept?

▶ Do you accept Indian and International Credit and Debit cards ?

▶ What are the Convenient Payment options available ?

▶ Do I receive an Invoice for my order?

▶ Can I place the order from your online shop any time in a day?

▶ What are the payment options available in your online shop ?


▶ What type of products do you sell online Indian Shop?

▶ How can I search if I don’t know the Brand name?

▶ Where Can I find the lowest prices of my particular product?

▶ What about Quality Guarantee?

▶ what about Quality and Quantity of product at your store?

▶ Do you have Indian Ayurveda products for Aged people at you online Indian Shop ?

▶ What if the ordered item is Out of Stock for shipping?

▶ Are the items delivered as per the display at Online Indian Shop?

▶ What is this shopping cart thing?

▶ If a product is Out of Stock how I can place the order ?

▶ Do you have the Pooja items ?


▶ Do you have any reward points for regular purchases?


▶ Can you hold my order for few days? (Because I am going out of station.)

▶ What shipping options do I have?

▶ How are items packaged?

▶ How do I get a record my order?

▶ Is the tax included in Shipping Charge ?

▶ When can I expect to receive my package after order placement?

▶ What is the cost of shipment?

▶ Why do I need a billing address?


▶ Am I need to be at Home to receive the product ?

▶ Do you deliver the products at a time to suit me?